Pelicanopolis has been a band since late 2013. They are from Oakland and Alameda, California.

The name Pelicanopolis was made up by Jeffrey Stirling one day on the beach many years ago,
as he told a fanciful story about Pelicans coming back in the San Francisco Bay Area after having been nearly wiped out by DDT.

Pelicanopolis is, nearly always:

Gren Coffee: Vocals, guitars
John Dowdakin: Guitars
Tresca Behling: Bass
Paul Conte: Drums, percussion

Pelicanopolis is also, or has been:

Stephen Seche: Drums, percussion
Vern McElroy: Guitar
Bob Hearn: Trumpet
Elizabeth Hearn: Trumpet
Andy Kuntz: Trumpet
Dennis Aman: Accordion, vocals, homemade string instruments
David Wells: Bassoon
Chorus: Sidonie Starr, Andrea Shippy, Pepe Verde, Bryan Hillebrandt, Katherine Ahern, Amanda Shepard

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